Stags and Hens

Ennis Players staged Willy Russell’s hilarious comedy Stags and Hens in glór in April 2011.

The action takes place in the Gents and Ladies loos of a local nightclub and focuses on a group of girls and local lads who venture out for a night of pre-marriage stag and hen party celebrations. Dave and Linda (groom & bride-to-be) have decided, unbeknownst to each other, to hold their stag and hen parties in the same location. Linda runs into her old boyfriend, Peter, a musician with hilarious consequences.





Maureen                      Saoirse Byrne

Bernadette                  Bernie Harten

Carol                           Amy McEnnis

Frances                        Carmel Quinn

Linda                           Paula Flynn

Robbie                         Joe Varden

Kav                             Cormac O’Sullivan

Billy                            Damian Pilkington

Eddy                           Tony Coffey

Peter                            Derek Halpin

Roadie                         James O’Brien

Dave                            Brendan Daly