Wanda’s Visit

Wanda's Visit Directed by Paul Corey, Wanda's Visit by Christopher Durang tells the story of Jim and Marsha who have been married for thirteen years and are feeling a little…

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Lucy in the Sky

Lucy in the Sky DIRECTOR GERALDINE GREENELucy in the Sky by Tony Layton gives us an insight into the lives of three women who seek shelter in an inner city…

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The Quiet Land

The Quiet Land Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

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Stolen Child

Stolen Child by Bairbre Ní Chaoimh & Yvonne Quinn - directed by Brendan Quinlivanglór, Feb 26th - Mar 1st 2018 @ 8pmThis humorous yet moving play tells the story of a…

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The Colleen Bawn

The Colleen Bawn DIRECTOR  GERALDINE GREENERehearsals are well underway for the upcoming production of Dion Boucicault's Irish classic, The Colleen Bawn. Directed by Geraldine Greene this vibrant & energetic melodrama…

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The Bear

The Bear The play takes place in the drawing-room of Elena Ivanovna Popova’s estate on the seven-month anniversary of her husband’s death. Since her husband died, Popova has locked herself…

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The Loves of Cass Maguire

The Loves of Cass McGuire Written  by Brian Friel and directed by Allen Flynn. The story is of a woman (Cass), who after fifty-two years of romping as a saloon waitress…

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The Mai

The Mai Written by Marina CarrDirected by Paul CoreyThis play tells a moving story of four generations of women in one family in the midlands. Centred on the figure of…

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Buridan’s Ass

Buridan's Ass  Written by S.R. Plant and directed  by Geraldine GreeneWelcome to the weird and wonderful world of Mahone's Taxidermy Emporium, where the resourceful young apprentice encourages his master to kiss Buridan's Ass…

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